Use of Social Media: Defines my Generation


Social networking is the defining characteristic of my generation. Previous age groups were defined by factors such as their parents’ post-war procreation rates or their own collective inclinations for tie-dye and peace signs, but ours is definitely latched with social media.

If desired, essentially every positive, negative, interesting, funny or mundane life event can be broadcasted to some form of friend sharing site. Tweet about it. Drinking Starbucks? Snap a picture and post it on Instagram. Find a picture of a cute pair of shoes? Pin it on Pinterest. Our socializing doesn’t stop once the face-to-face contact ends.

This so-called phenomenon has been reviewed, studied, and researched by countless experts ad nauseam, and quite honestly, I’m a little bit sick of hearing how our alleged “addiction” is leading to negative consequences. Parents and teachers across the country complain that we’re glued to our laptops and smartphones and are therefore developing anti-social and isolated behaviors.

However, I have my own list of grievances regarding the behaviors in which some of my peers have chosen to engage. These misuses on social media sites are what I believe are the true horrors of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

For the majority of Facebook users, the status is used periodically to post several sentences or a picture about a current life event. However, among a select group of misinformed Facebook users, the status update is used as a private diary dumping grounds where the worst of hormonal teenage angst is displayed for the entire world to see.

I definitely realize that everyone is allowed the right to post whatever and whenever desired, but for the sake of courtesy in general, please leave these tortured artist novels for your close friends.

We all have our own personal problems that sometimes just need some friendship support, but really, is Facebook the time or place? Besides, your future employer probably won’t want to hire someone who is so transparent with their emotional issues.

In the end, I know social media users will probably all continue with their same bad habits. This article isn’t really a call to action for some type of revolution but more of a way to express to adults that even we have problems with the way social media are used. Anyway, I have to go. Time to update my Facebook status with the link to this article.

Enjoy reading! 🙂


The Random Mind of Ayan


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Let’s Go and Run for Manila Bay CleanUp Run 2012!

Manila Broadcasting Company and Star City partner mounts in this year’s edition of the Manila Bay Clean-Up Run, which will take place on July 15.

The event is open to all interested participants and will feature races in the 3K, 5K, 10K, and 15K divisions for both men and women. Trophies and cash prizes will be given to the top three winners in each race division. There will also be a special award for the biggest delegation or group that submits a minimum of twenty-five (25) paying entries.
A designated registration desk will be set up beginning May 28 at the lobby of Manila Broadcasting Company, Sotto Street , CCP Complex, Pasay City , and at Chris Sports outlets in Glorietta 3, SM Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Bicutan, Festival Mall Alabang, SM North EDSA and Fitness and Athletics at BGC. Deadline for registration is on July 2.

Since 2009, MBC employees have voluntarily joined their counterparts from other establishments based along Roxas Boulevard for Land Bank’s Manila Bay Clean-Up Program, aiming to help implement a sustainable approach to cleaning and protecting marine and coastal resources. While these initiatives will not totally solve environmental sanitation problems in the country’s premier international gateway, reduction of rubbish will help minimize pollutants in Manila Bay, which will have an impact in the long run.

Manila Bay CleanUp Run 2012
July 15, 2012 @ 5AM
Star City, CCP Complex Pasay City
3K / 5K / 10K / 15K

Registration Fees:
3K – PHP 400.00
5K – PHP 500.00
10K – PHP 650.00
15K – PHP 750.00

– Certificates will be given to all 3k,5k, and 10k finishers.
– All 15k finishers will receive a medal.
– Loot bag items include two ride-all-you-can tickers to Star City and items from sponsors.

Registration Venues:
– Chris Sports – SM North EDSA
– Chris Sports – SM Manila
– Chris Sports – SM Megamall
– Chris Sports Glorietta 3
– Chris Sports – SM Bicutan
– Chris Sports – Festival Mall
– Fitness & Athletics – BGC
Manila Bay CleanUp Run 2012 – Singlet Design

Manila bay Clean-Up Run 2012 – Race Maps:

For more info visit their Facebook Page: MANILA BAY CLEAN-UP RUN 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman: Showing on June 2012

Early evidence suggests the sumptuous Snow White and the Huntsman will at least look better than its Julia Roberts-fronted rival.

Snow White and the Huntsman Theron Milk Scene

Film-makers who begin their careers in commercial advertising do not always emerge as dead-eyed journeymen when they arrive in Hollywood. Ridley Scott conjured up Blade Runner and Alien from the ashes of some much-loved 1970s ads for Hovis bread, and I’m something of an apologist for Zack Snyder, at least when he’s in Watchmen mode and not hawking spectacularly ill-advised video game porn in the vein of last year’s Sucker Punch.

Snow White And The Huntsman

Rupert Sanders is the latest director to emerge from ad-land, and I can’t help feeling that the British film-maker’s forthcoming take on Snow White has retained a whiff of festive perfume commercial that you might think was a hangover from his old job. Perhaps it’s the presence of Charlize Theron as the evil Queen Ravenna, or, more likely, the pretentious, faux-edgy fantasy imagery – but I feel a desperate need to rush out and purchase a dozen bottles of Poison by Christian Dior every time I watch the trailer.

Three new featurettes have dropped this week ahead of Snow White and the Huntsman’s June release, and none of them do an awful lot to extinguish the suspicion that Sanders is keener on style than substance. In the first, Theron boasts of a “feast for the eyes”, while Kristen Stewart (Snow White) discusses “visuals that absolutely transport you somewhere else”. Chris Hemsworth (the Huntsman) helpfully offers that because Sanders has made oodles of adverts, he will be able to tell “a vivid story with such great imagery”, while something that looks like Castrol GTX (actually the famous mirror on the wall morphing into human form) flows ominously around the screen.

The second video centres on the story, which doesn’t seem to have been adapted too much from the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale. The evil queen is still out to murder poor Snow White for being hotter than her, but this time she has added superpowers such as the ability to transform into a flock of crows and drain the lifeblood from unfortunate servants, a bit like Ingrid Pitt in classic Hammer horror Countess Dracula mode. The censors might well have handed Snow White and the Huntsman an 18 certificate back in the early 1970s: it’s intriguing to see that a film about an evil murderess who wants to cut out the heart of her rival is these days being pitched at the pre-teen Twilight crew.

Finally, we get the chance to have a look at the sumptuous costumes prepared for the film by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood. No complaints here: the movie looks spectacular. Can it develop into something more than a visual tour de force, and does it need to? There’s something fitting about bringing the story of Snow White to the big screen in superficial form. Fairytales are often opaque, sepia-toned devices: horror stories for children, as it were, with the awful goings-on obscured by the dream-like nature of the storytelling. On this basis, Snow White and the Huntsman appears appropriately vacuous.

Snow White and the Huntsman’s final plus point is that no matter how bad it ends up being, it cannot possibly get close to rival production Mirror, Mirror’s level of abomination. The Julia Roberts-fronted version seems to have fed the entire cast truckloads of happy pills before setting them loose on set, and you’d struggle to find more ropey, half-hearted acting work at a Romford pantomime.

Snow White and the Huntsman arrives on 1 June, 2012! See you there! 🙂


Mae Limboc is an Social Media Specialist at Visual Ally Incorporated. She has been in the company since it started and is currently being trained for Social Media. To practice her learning’s, she is now trying to venture out into blogging. Her blogs usually showcase their different activities and interests and also her experiences of a newbie in the Social Media world.

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This week and last week has been very busy for me. I had the opportunity to spend time with the team last weekend and go over our goals and objectives as well as discuss important updates from our CEO, Jamella Santos. The annual company retreat held at the Boat House in Sto. Nino in Mindoro provided a much needed time for us to go back and review what happened in the last year for Visual Ally. I feel so blessed working with a dedicated team of individuals who have in one way or another changed the way I look at my work.

The trip to the island was amazing and fun to say the least. The van picked us up from Ortigas going to the Batangas. We had a pit-stop at a local wet market and had the chance to see how life really is in the province. We then…

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HealthCare Companies Use Social Media to Market Their Brand

Using Social Media to Market and Brand Your Medical Practice
As the Internet has become the medium of choice for researching health information, social media has become an important part of how your medical practice gets found online.  In today’s social media-connected, content marketing rich environment, doctors who are not using social media as part of their marketing strategy are missing out.  This article will give you an overview of why and how you should brand and market your practice online, along with examples of those physicians who are leading the way with social media marketing.

But first, what exactly does “branding” mean?

Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. (Business

There are many elements which make your brand more readily identifiable, ranging from tangibles like your logo, tagline and promotional materials to the more intangible – how telephone calls are answered in your practice and how you are perceived by your patients. Doctors position themselves in the healthcare market by speciality, but also by the quality of their work, their reputation, and as an acknowledged expert on specific medical conditions.

Identify and define your brand

Properly identifying your brand means you will be able to define your offering and market your communications more effectively to your patient (and prospective patient) base. Ask yourself the following questions to help you define your brand more clearly.

  • What can patients find with you that they won’t find with another doctor?
  • What are your strengths when it comes to patient care?
  • What aspect of medicine do you most enjoy?
  • Do you have knowledge of a hobby or special interest which patients would benefit from your expertise on?

Promote your brand with social media

Health topics are one of the most searched terms on the internet and it’s becoming increasingly important for doctors to get involved in the online discussion. Engagement with social media networking sites provides you with a unique opportunity to position and market your brand, add value, and differentiate your practice from your competitors. It also helps attract new patients, build existing patient loyalty and opens up new opportunities outside of your practice.

Social media gives you the tools to find where your patients are meeting online, build relationships with them, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Many of your existing patients are already online, and regular communication with them will help cement your relationship. Remember that unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media marketing is about talking with, not to your audience; it is about adding value to the conversation. Healthcare organizations whose strategy is to simply post information (for instance on a static web page) are missing out on the true essence of social media, i.e. two-way communication.

Opportunities to brand your medical practice are plentiful online. There are support and community groups for just about any medical condition or interest. To further expand their reach and focus on patient care, these groups need the input of qualified clinicians to help validate the information discussed on their sites and to ensure balanced views that are in the best interest of patients. Participating in these communities by providing advice, educational podcasts, guest contributions to widely read blogs and websites can help you broadcast your brand and build your reputation, while providing valuable support to the group.

Establishing and maintaining an online presence will keep your brand to the fore of people’s minds – not just your patients, but your peers. It is a great way to build positive exposure and credibility for your brand and to create what marketers refer to as “top-of-mind awareness.” Adding more touchpoints with your patients and prospective patients through social media helps create this top of mind awareness.

Maintaining brand integrity and monitoring your online reputation

Consistency, credibility, and connection are the cornestones of maintaining your healthcare brand’s integrity. Once you have a clear vision of what your brand is about, the key to establishing and maintaining it is being consistent and credible across all on and off line platforms you connect on. It is also important to listen to what is being said about your brand, not just to know what is going on and whether you are receiving any negative publicity or comments that need to be addressed, but also to know what you are doing right, so that you can do more of it. At a minimum keep an eye on tweets, comments and messages on your Twitter, blog and Facebook accounts. You should also set up google alerts for your name, your practice and your partners.

Physicians leading the way online

There are many examples of physicians with successful online brands.  One of the best known is Kevin Pho, MD, an internist from Nashua, N.H., who started his KevinMD blog in 2004. Eight years later KevinMD is one of the most popular medical blogs online and has gained Dr Pho national and international attention as an opinion maker. He is frequently asked to contribute to print and TV discussions and is a regular speaker at conferences around the world.

Howard Luks, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Hawthorne, N.Y., who consults on digital media and medicine issues, champions healthcare social media and is unequivocal in his assertion that “to ignore the intersection between healthcare and social media is to potentially igonor our own relevance as a health care practitioner”.

Deanna Attai, MD, has focused her career exclusively on the care of patients with benign and malignant breast conditions. She provides advice to breast cancer communities on blogs, Twitter and Facebook platforms and is one of the founders of #BCSM (Breast Cancer Social Media), a regular online gathering on Twitter. Through her effective use of social media, Dr Attai has humanised her practice and become a credible and trustworthy source of advice and support to the breast cancer community, which has a very active and vocal presence online.

There’s no question that social media is growing in importance in the healthcare field and it is no longer an optional marketing strategy. Access to health information online is empowering patients and forcing medicine to become part of a more consumer driven market. For doctors to distinguish themselves from each other, they must respond to a digital society which now demands transparency and engagement. Joining in the online health conversation gives your patients a sense of belonging and emotional connection; it positions you as an expert in your field, helps you stand out from your peers, and inspires your staff. Word of mouth is the most valuable form of referral you can get and social media can harness this power and spread its reach in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

Finally, don’t think because you don’t appear online doesn’t mean you aren’t being talked about. With the advent of patient review sites, and online discussion forums, you risk leaving your brand reputation in the hands of others. The conversation is happening online with or without you, so for the sake of your healthcare brand, join it!



Mae Limboc is an Social Media Specialist at Visual Ally Incorporated. She has been in the company since it started and is currently being trained for Social Media. To practice her learning’s, she is now trying to venture out into blogging. Her blogs usually showcase their different activities and interests and also her experiences of a newbie in the Social Media world.

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