It’s Time to Get Socialized at Manila Social Media Day 2012!

Be Part of Social Media Day at Manila 2012!Fellow bloggers, Facebook and Twitter addicts, and other social media fanatics, please come and celebrate with us at the Manila Social Media Day on June 30, 2012 in Tower One & Exchange Fountain Area, Ayala Triangle Garden. This will be a fun event to meet people we usually interact on social media.

On June 30, the Philippines joins the world, for the very first time, in marking Social Media Day, with a big event planned right at the heart of Makati City.

Filipino Twitterati, bloggers, advocates, practitioners from media, business, government are expected to grace that day’s celebration of creativity, community and conversation that has pushed individuals, companies and organizations, and the nation many steps forward and ahead of the rest of the world.

The event is being organized by the community of netizens behind TweetUp Manila and the first Twestival Manila, and whose work and passions have brought them together both online and offline.

There is much reason to celebrate social media in the Philippines: its creation of new careers and new opportunities, the awesome efforts to use new tools for helping during and after disasters such as Ondoy and Sendong, the new space for media, politics and expression, citizen journalism and cutting-edge, content-rich multimedia practice, and industry going digital to reach and affect more people whether thru marketing, PR or advertising.

So to those interested, register now and let’s get socialized.
Visit Social Media Day website for resources and more information:
Follow @TweetupMNL for more details

See you guys there! 🙂


Blog Writing 101

Writer’s are not the only that who are authorized to post a blog. Anyone are welcome to posts their own, anyone who found that their heart is in the world of writing. For a newbie like me, at first to write a blog seems to be so hard for me because I don’t have any idea and experience on how to write and what will I’m going to write. Never in my life have I dreamt of being a blogger or a writer someday. I used to think that I cannot do it but just a week ago, I have posted my first blog. While I was writing my first blog, there was a question on my mind, can I finish it or not? I did it with full eagerness because I want to learn something new. I can’t believe that I already have a blog when I saw my first post.

I learned that the basic intention of starting a blog is having an outlet for expressing one’s self. Everything you write can be seen by the rest of the world. So every time you write you’ll have to be careful. I think it’s important to keep in mind that we should focus on writing well-written blog posts – and always write as if it will go viral. In my opinion, the length of the post is not what really matters. It is the content and the idea that a blogger wants to share to his/her readers. One of the best ways to write a blog is to base them on something that you have either done or something that you do. And it’s better to take a little time to write because you need to think carefully about what you write as your readers may base decisions from your ideas.