“Amalayer” video gathers criticisms

MANILA, Philippines- The viral “Amalayer” video gathers different reactions from netizens all over social media.

Paula Jaime Salvosa complains of cyberbullying after an amateur video of her yelling at the LRT lady guard, Sharon Mae Casinas, circulated on the internet. The scene happened after the commuter was stopped by the lady guard from entrance because of failing to follow a security check instruction.

The video posted by Gregory Paulo Llamoso caught Salvoso raising her voice at the lady guard saying, “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar? Answer me! Nag-aaral akong tao. Ginanon mo ako. I’m just returning the favor!”

The said video harvested different reactions from the people who have seen it, mostly criticizing Salvosa for her actions and even commenting on the way she pronounced her “I’m a liar” phrase thus creating the “Amalayer” trend.

“is this the right attitude of what she mentioned “may pinag-aralan ako”.. bravo product yan ng school nila…” Facebook user Junjun Esmundo commented on the video.

France Gamas tweeted, “Amalayer?!!! Saw that LRT video on Facebook. Tehhhh, when you speak in English make sure you pronounce it correctly. Haha.”

Celestine Marie P. Herce made another comment on Facebook, “berating someone is not so classy Miss Amalayer, I thought ur educated but you acted as if you’re not …Remember : WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND,”

Another tweet was posted by Lia Casasola, saying, “Showing off your ‘English skills’ when you know the person cannot reciprocate your ‘fluency’ is just so sooo low. #amalayer”

However, there are those who believe that Salvosa should not be judged and people should know the other part of the story first before reacting.

Keith Nicole tweeted, “Don’t judge muna, people. We don’t know the whole story. Malay mo, super tama talaga ni ate @paulaharlow”

@simounmagsalin tweeted, “You all judged a person based on a 1-minute video. Shows more of your ‘manners’ and (supposed) ‘class’ than her, truth be told. #AMALAYER.”

“i was there during the incidence, mali talaga yung lady guard..masyado sya mayabang.. sya yung nauna na nambastos..Dapat sa mga guard na ganyan ay di nag duty sa ganyang mataong lugar.. dun na lang sila iassign sa mga bakanteng lote na for sale…” Kevin Untalan Llanderal defended Salvosa.

Here is the AMALAYER video that goes viral.