Keeping A Dream

Keeping A Dream

Keeping A Dream

I don’t know if I will ever get to see my BIG project done. It sounds too big. And I know it is hard to keep any dream alive that includes peace and harmony, even a dream that seeks only the fulfillment of basic human needs for everyone in the global family.

But I am doing everything I can to keep my dream alive, precisely because the odds are against it. This dream is not something I cling to. This is a changing dream, something alive and growing. For years now, I see myself changing with it. Keeping this particular dream alive keeps me alive, and I think it is true that our dreams are reason for which we act. With a dream like this, I cannot afford to be lazy, I cannot afford not to love. I cannot afford to hate!

Each one has a vision of the world in which we would like to live. When we are aware of this vision, and we yearn so much to bring it to life, many good things happen. Goodness, compassion, and love for people make sense, and golden opportunities often present themselves. It is beautiful to dream. We just don’t realize what imagination, and the re-imagination of the world, can do to make us act with boldness and love.

Keeping A Dream

Keeping A Dream

It does not matter that my dream is impossible. The dream is not the goal, it is the inspiration within which I act as I move towards my vision. Can not the cause and the effect, the means and the end, be one, and not separate? Can I not embrace the impossibility of achieving a world that has no suffering in it and yet work for change at the same time?

My dream does not deny the present as it is. Yet, it calls me to act as if the realization is almost possible here and now. Is that madness and self-deception?

Such words should leave one wordless. And I should properly stop my blog here. Please find enclosed a copy of my dream. May we be priviledge to dream the impossible dream…


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