Blogging and Social Media Were Made for Each Other


Blogging and Social Media Were Made for Each Other

Blogging and Social Media Were Made for Each Other

Blogging has often been called the bridge between social media and search engine optimization. Once you understand it you’ll know why.

With blogging you are feeding the search engines every time you create a new blog post. If you blog once a day, that’s a new web page on your website. The blog pings a list of services that help the post get crawled and within hours your blog post is indexed and searchable in the search engines. Do that three times a day and you increase your SEO coverage.

But a blog also has other characteristics that static web pages don’t have. People can comment on your blog posts and you can comment back, making it a particularly useful platform for meaningful dialogue.

With the advent of social media, you have other ways to get traffic to your blog other than through the search engines. Since all sales and marketing is relationship-building, you can build relationships with your prospects through social media, then send your friends and fans back to your blog for a deeper conversation. It’s a multi-tiered approach to marketing that works.

At least, it’s worked for thousands of businesses for the last decade.

It seems that blogging and social media were made for each other. They go hand in hand. And if you haven’t started your blog yet, or begun your social media marketing, then I’d encourage you to jump on board.


The Healing

The HealingThe Healing is another engaging horror flick by Chito Roño that generates a respectable amount of suspense. This movie is starred by Gov. Vilma Santos for her 50th anniversary in show business and co-starred by Kim Chiu, Joel Torre, Janice de Belen, Pokwang, Martin del Rosario and many others. It was directed by Chito Roño.

I am really unsure of what to expect last night at the Director’s Cut of Chito Rono’s The Healing. Star Cinema’s The Healing is a story of Filipino tradition wherein people are asking for help on treatment of diseases. A news about the miraculous works of a faith healer spread like wildfire attracting the attention of people suffering from various illness coming from all walks of life. All of the sudden, the faith healer stops her “healing” sessions but was forced by a group of patient.

The story circled with the aftereffects of bringing a dead person back into life by a faith healer. Ever since that incident, lives of all those cured by the healer has been put into danger. An appearance of a doppelganger is a sign that something bad is going to happen to a character. When a character meets his doppelganger, he will go insane, harming other people and then eventually killing himself. The only way to break the curse is to kill the person who was brought back to life.

The Random Mind of Ayan


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Fun. – We Are Young ft. Janelle Monae

Fun -  We Are Young

Fun – We Are Young

There’s a lot of talk these days about the current state of the singles chart. Accusations of songs sounding alike and the same old acts shooting straight to the top have been flying around for a while, and while it’s something we’ve strongly defended (hasn’t it always been that way?), the recent success of FUN. is likely to have silenced a few cynics.

What’s more, it’s been a long time coming for the indie-pop band who, after a string of non-starters, can well and truly consider ‘We Are Young‘ their breakthrough moment. “Give me a second, I need to get my story straight,” Nate Ruess sings over a featherlight piano and drums riff before the anthemic, lighter-waving chorus reminiscent of Queen ensues. The result is a brilliant anomaly for some, and another worldwide-worthy hit for the rest of us.

Watch the ‘We Are Young’ music video below:

RIP Dolphy

May you rest in Peace, Comedy King Dolphy

May you rest in Peace, Comedy King Dolphy

As he stayed for a month in the hospital, Rodolfo Vera Quizon also known as Dolphy passed away around 8:34pm at the age of 83, according to his partner, Zsa Zsa Padilla. He died due to Multiple Organ Failure, secondary to complications brought about by Severe Pneumonia Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Acute Renal Failure.

RIP Dolphy. Thank you for bringing laughter in our lives, Dolphy. You will always be in our hearts

My Thought in Social Media World: Is “Like” for a Lazy People?

My Thought in Social Media World: Is “Like” for a Lazy People?It’s Thursday, and I have a lot of catching up to do in Social Media World. As a social media addict I get anxiety when I’m not constantly connected to what’s going on in my newsfeed. This weekend I decided to put the phone down and interact with the non – digital world, as a sort of “retreat”. My adventures to a secret beach and some random city exploration would have been perfect times for me to whip out the phone and start documenting my experience socially, but I refrained and happily I might add.

Sitting here at my desk, glad to have skipped over the three days and the thought of scrolling of updates and pictures, Tweets, Re-pins, and check-ins, I was started to get overwhelmed. So I decided to cheat and began “LIKING” everything. I felt like I had lived several weekends in one after going back in time and interacting with all my friends and followers. I felt accomplished to say the least.

However, “Liking” something is the easiest way to interact. It’s non-committal. You can easily “un-like” something and you don’t have to worry about saying anything intelligent or meaningful. Since the act of “Liking” something is so easy, and so accessible, does it mean being a “serial liker” is to be a lazy social media user?

“Like” allow us to be part of a crowd, to feel part of something. That’s what we are doing on social media networks to begin with to interact, to connect to people, and feel a part of something larger than all of us. So it is lazy?

Philippines Celebrates Social Media Day

Social Media Day 2012

Social Media Day 2012

Last June 30, the world celebrates the 3rd annual Social Media Day. took the initiative in 2010 and launched Social Media Day on June 30 as a way to recognize the exciting ever-evolving digital revolution. Since then, social media enthusiasts have hosted and attended Social Media Day meetups in several cities worldwide.

The Social Media Team of Visual Ally together with their Director for Social Media Mr. Dante “Ayan” Deato were there and experienced

Social Media Day 2012

Jose Javier Reyes – A Filipino Writer and ABS-CBN Director with Visual Ally Director for Social Media – Dante “Ayan” Deato

that event. There were a huge number of bloggers, Twitterati, advocates and practitioners from media.

I had the opportunity to meet Daphne Paez and Tonyo Cruz a Filipino blogger, social media practitioner and consumer advocate . I even got a chance to have a picture taken with them.

Me with Tonyo Cruz – A Filipino Blogger / Social Media Practitioner / Consumer and Advocate

Daphne Paez and Me

The event organizer Tonyo Cruz said, “we were only expecting 300, but we can say that we reached 411 participants!” The large turn-out at the 30 June Social Media Capital affair, the first of its kind in the Philippines under Mashable’s Social Media Day worldwide event series, showed the vibrancy and willingness of some of Manila’s social media denizens to gather and celebrate the importance of social media in the country, past and present. As of last count, 444 participants  were registered for the affair. “We were surprised in a very pleasant way,”

The event, held at the Philippine Stock Exchange Plaza in Makati, was one of a series of parallel events held throughout the country. Quezon City had its own Social Media Day gathering, as did Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao. The name was chosen because of the fact that the Philippines has had a consistent record of being either early adopters or leaders in using social media.

Addressing the gathering on harnessing the Philippines’ social media capital were social media pundit Carlo Ople; celebrity and UNICEF campaigner Daphne Oseña-Paez; and Gang Badoy, founder of the advocacy group Rock Ed, which celebrated its seventh anniversary yesterday. Ople spoke about the overall social media landscape in the country and the issues confronting social media users in the country. The other two speakers also discussed how social media helped their advocacies and encouraged listeners to do the same.

Apart from the addresses, there was a special appearance by this year’s Miss World Philippines winner Queeneerich Rehman. There were also games and give-aways, a common fixture of similar and much smaller gatherings known to some Twitter users as “tweet-ups.”

Congratulations for a successful Social Media Day Meetup! 🙂